You as a human being need to get dressed in order to be part of our so called civilized society and not to freeze. If you do it with passion and taste, you are putting together an outfit. But there is always way to do more: in order to take it to the next level, accessories are there to give you a helping hand. One of the most identifying items ever as far as culture and passions is the wristwatch.
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One of the most identifying items ever as far as culture and passions is the wristwatch. We as a shop in tight contact with streets and action sports have decided to focus only on Casio. Beside being tough and on time, its G-Shock line with big name collaborations from Eric Haze to Futura 2000 represents our world to the fullest

You don't need a backpack to be dressed but then again, if you need a backpack it would better get along well with what you are wearing as far as colors. Same for cross body bags and duffel bags. We cover that area quite well with proposals by The North FaceCarharttadidas SkateboardingTommy Hilfiger and Ucon Acrobatics.

An accessory is not always showing so it doesn't matter much what is its color but rather if it works for what it has been designed for. It may be a lanyard to hold that VIP pass rather than a bottle opener or a wallet and even a money clip: we got that area covered too with our own Move accessories that have a great quality price rate.

Even if most of us wear them on daily basis, technically a pair of socks is an accessory (you can go without, during the summer). This is really an interesting category if you consider that beside the undisputed number one sock brand Stance, we also carry Stussy and Obey socks. To complete the range we also carry  Nike JordanHufNike SBadidas skateboardingAmerican Socks and Iuter, beside our Move All Day Socks.

An accessory may also mean protection from harsh temperatures. So we suggest you to give an eye to our gloves by  Carhartt and The North Face  and scarfs by adidas Skateboarding, beside our Move Stadium ones.

But an accessory that you should always keep handy it if you can relate straight to what we stand for is a sneaker cleaner kit. Crep Protect has developed a complete range for every type of use.

And you thought that you didn't need anything else...

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