Your backpack speaks about you, about what you do and the way you do it. This is why you need to pick up a backpack carefully, according to your style.
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No way to survive in our times without at least a backpack

It's really simple: in these modern times you need a backpack or maybe more than one. We may talk about a little women backpack rather than a men backpack but basically no matter if you put inside your daily survival kit when you go to work or you pack for a far away weekend: a backpack bag is mandatory. It all depends on what you do with it, so the capacity is a starting point but then you have to think about your own style and the scenario where you will wear it.

To each need there is the perfect backpack for it

If you commute on daily basis you won't wear a trekking backpack just like if you are a mountaineering enthusiast you won't wear a leather backpack but the most requested feature is another. PC backpacks, where you can put the digital device that you can't leave without: your laptop. A padded sleeve is what everybody needs at a point, because your laptop can't be damaged for any reason.

Which color and which material are you looking for?

It's easy to carry around a black backpack: it doesn't get dirty easily but there is more if you dare. How about a yellow Stockholm backpack by Fila? Do you prefer a tartan Tommy Jeans Crest Heritage? The North Face Borealis is available in several colorways including purple and orange. Are you a camouflage fan? Hajo Backpack by Ucon Acrobatics in moss green is a brilliant solution then. No matter if you need a little backpack men or a travel backpack: it's available now at Move

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