Adidas Stan Smith

adidas Stan Smith is an icon

We doubt that when in 1977 Stan Smith first dropped his signature tennis shoes, he was aware of how influential that style would have been. adidas Stan Smith is the classic of all classics, the untouchable tennis shoe, the iconic sneaker par excellence. Its secret is the essential design that, stripped down to its bare essence, reveals the greatness of the timeless adidas style. Unlike the other styles of that period such as adidas Samba or adidas Campus, these sneakers never had stripes on the sides but rather three rows of holes that beside increasing breathability made a mark style wise that is highly influential to this day.

Colorway is the key when you deal with adidas Stan Smith

Its colorway too influenced the way these tennis shoes were perceived. No patterns or fancy colors for this style that, if at first was Stan Smith white, it become later on also Stan Smith black but nothing else. Usually the portrait of the star player represented on these adidas shoes can be found in green on the tongue and the same green can be found on the heel tab. Lately a few variations went into production and now you could find these two details in other colors too.

Where do you want to buy your adidas Stan Smith if not at Move?

We at Move firmly believe in sneakers progression but this doesn't mean that we can forget where we come from and this is a clear example. adidas Stan Smith are never lacking among our adidas men shoes and beside the latest versions, maybe you can also find Stan Smith vintage among our adidas sales.

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