Air Jordan 1

The first basketball pro model: Air Jordan 1

What more can be said about that basketball champion called Michael Jordan? The sport tales surrounding his character are legendary just like the sportswear and sneakers collection that go by the name of Jordan. The collaboration with the Swoosh that started in 1985 represents a pivotal moment in the history of sport where Michael Jordan is the first basketball player to get an entire clothing line beside the very first signature basketball shoe called Nike Air Jordan 1. Designed by Peter Moore, that also created the iconic wings logo, Jordan shoes started the long path that will lead to Jordan 32 with Air Jordan 1. 

Air Jordan 1: a sneakerhead favorite 

Its clean lines represent an icon for the die hard basketball fans that have never enough of these hightop sneakers. That's why there is a high demand of styles like Jordan 1 Top 3 just like classic Jordan Retro 1. It's a timeless design available mainly as an hightop but Air Jordan 1 Low is an off-court favorite of the players in love with this style. Sneaker fans have a penchant for Jordan 1 OG in their red white and black colorway but as it always happens with classic sneakers even white Jordan 1 are very in demand. Same for Jordan 1 black.  

The Move Shop proposal of Air Jordan 1

There are several factors that contribute to the success of these basketball sneakers beside the greatness of the athlete they represent. Their sleek silhouette is does a great job also in case you wear your Air Jordan 1 as a casual shoe, looking great with a slim fit. But we know that you love to rock them on the court warming up with your Jordan tracksuit before you are ready for the game, of course in Jordan shorts. At Move Shop we can't help but notice that all Jordan fans love so much the brand that you don't feel like wearing anything else. That's why in our Nike Jordan section you are able to buy online from a Jordan fleece to a Jordan Cap, beside your favorite colorway of your Jordan 1 of course. Don't forget that if you are not looking for the most sold, you may even find a bargain price in our sale section...

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