Gore-Tex has been patented in 1970 but it's perfect for our times

It may seem strange thinking about it today, but the worldwide patented technology called Gore-Tex started its mission to keep everybody dry in a basement. It was 1958 when Bill and Vieve Gore started their researches on polytetrafluoroethylene polymer. Bill, a former DuPont employe, saw the potential of this polymer for its several possibility of applications concerning apparel and footwear. Later on in 1970, Bill's son Bob, patented expanded polytetrafluorethylene, also known as ePTFE. This incredibly resistant microporous material has outstanding characteristics: its water absorption is very low and gives excellent protection from atmospheric agents. It was 1976 when the first Gore-Tex jackets saw the light of day.

Wind and water proof but breathable at the same time: welcome to Gore Tex

People could not figure out yet how these garments could withstand rain and wind, being breathable at the same time. Gore-Tex potential got exploited to the fullest in the following decades, both in outdoor and urban scenarios, where performing apparel makes the difference. You can train even with bad weather now, beside being able to wear a jacket to go to the office without being wet when you take it off. In one of its recent applications, Gore-Tex implemented sneakers and hiking boots, widening the offer for waterproof footwear. You no longer have to wear rubber boots or workwear inspired footwear to keep your feet dry when it rains. Now you can rely on the same type of silhouettes that you wear all year long: sneakers.

Our Gore-Tex selection will make Winter months enjoyable

We couldn't hold back when it was time to update our proposal with this functional technology. That's why you can select here all the items that will support you through the bad season. Pick your favorite style and colorway and you are ready to go out, regardless of the weather.

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