Nike Air Force 1

There are some athletic shoes that are more or less important then there is Nike Air Force 1.

The History of Nike Air Force 1

Born in 1982 by the hand of Bruce Kilgore, the sneakers that share the same name of the airplane that makes the President of the United States fly had a cultural impact bigger than one could imagine. It was a moment in time where Nike was changing the game as far as technical features in basketball sneakers and Air Force 1 represented a pivotal point in this changement.

The evolution of Nike Air Force 1

Born as Nike Air Force 1 High, with time also came Nike Air Force 1 Low (without velcro) and Nike Air Force 1 Mid (that still kept the velcro element). Designers at Nike Sportswear had fun with these basketball sneakers to a point that its colorways nowadays are around two thousands. Mixing leather with suede and canvas and at the same time creating limited editions in collaboration with partners by the likes of Supreme, not only gave these sneakers fame, but it is almost impossible to see another pair like yours unless you picked a white Air Force 1, the most popular colorway ever.

Considering that the momentum of this style never seems to finish, the designers over at the Swoosh pushed the envelope even further: keeping Air Force 1 as a starting point and creating Nike Special Force, a sort of high boot laced with marine ropes to show the infinite potential even in street fashion of such silhouette. A lower style has been created also, called Nike Special Force Mid, with zippers on the back.

Nike Air Force 1 at Move Shop

With all these styles available online on Move Shop website all you have to do is figure out the one you want to buy. It will take some time, considering how many styles are available but it will worth every second. Are you looking for brand new ones or you want to get a bargain in our sale section at reduced price? We can't wait to sell you the Air Force 1 of your dreams.

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