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Nike Blazer has roots that go back in time up to 1973

How much time passed since George "The Iceman" Gervin slipped his feet inside a pair of Nike Blazer for the first time? Back in 1973 these Nike shoes were considered a basketball style even if it may seem quite odd now. You have to consider that in that period sneakers evolution wasn't even a concept and sneaker designers were just starting to figure things out.

Thanks to its vulcanized sole, Nike Blazer is an ideal skateboard shoe ready for a session

The essential design was functional at the time but in recent times, with very few improvements Nike Blazer became a skate shoe. Thanks to its vulcanized sole, it was able to do the switch from basketball to skateboarding easily. The skateboarding community welcomes this style open arms: now with reinforced upper and Nike Air cushioning it is ready for extended sessions.

Thanks to its essential design Nike Blazer is also a lifestyle sneaker

At the same time Nike Sportswear did not forget about this style and saw some potential to create something contemporary very impactful. This made possible the Nike x Sacai Blazer that created quite a buzz with its multilayered vulcanized patches and went sold out in no time. Far from being done, this iconic style is now available in a variety of captivating colorways that will give you that irresistible retro fresh look. Our selection includes both skate and lifestyle versions, allowing you to pick the one that suits you the most. Give a look to the styles available now and pick yours before it's gone.

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