Obey Tie Dye

Obey Tie Dye Pack has an heritage way more important than you may think

The origin of tie dye has to be brought back to hippies era. This technique was originated during the 60s as a creative form of dying that blew up litteraly when hippies and Grateful Dead fans (known as Deadheads) were at their peak. Left in a stand by mode for several decades, this style of colorful garments with a happy vibe got brought back recently. Call it cycle of fashion or simply the need to propose something with an actual heritage, tie dye is the fever for a couple of seasons now, that is bringing in conventional fashion and streetwear alike.

You can always count on a strong street ready flavor from this brand and Obey Tie Dye Pack is no exception

Obey stays close to the streets and catches every buzz, making it its own, with its anti-establishment attitude that has fans of the brand staying loyal. That's why we are proud to introduce you Obey Tie Dye Pack. Not only this capsule collection welcomes you in one of the hottest trends, but also because Shepard Fairey touch makes each item a little big masterpiece. Among all the several main techniques of tie dye that create spirals rather than marble effects, Obey went for the blotch, the most irregular. Dying crewnecks, hoodies just like short and long sleeve t-shirts randomly, like their color palettes were actually a patchwork of stains, these items stand out with a strong street ready flavor.

How about turning Obey Tie Dye Pack into the ultimate Christmas gift?

Now at this point the question is: is there a better Christmas gift for your sweet beloved half? We at Move think not, therefore cop your favorite item from Obey Tie Dye Pack now, before regretting about acting too late.

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