Puma X Ader Error

Puma x Ader Error capsule speaks the language of our era

You know how quick things change recently. You had brands becoming your favorites that you never heard before two years ago. Revolutionary ideas, a strong wind of change constantly blowing and the need for progression as a priority made contemporary streetwear interesting like never before. Little units of creative minds putting original visions first are catching the attention of a generation that leaves the old to embrace the new and doesn't accept substitutes, like it happened with Vetements, to name one. This time you are getting familiar with a creative studio of designers from South Korea called Ader Error that created a capsule collection with Puma.

The new new is expressed to the fullest in this Puma x Ader Error capsule

With unlimited creative freedom these designers unit exploited such opportunity to give you that freshness that we all love. Asymmetric cuts and innovative silhouettes speak a new code for what concerns the turtleneck and the down jacket part of this capsule. The hoodie that belongs to this collaboration blends a zipper hoodie with a regular hoodie in a sort of color block structure.

Don't miss the sneakers that belong to Puma x Ader Error capsule

What would the Puma x Ader Error capsule be without sneakers? Puma let the young creatives play with RS (Running System) silhouettes and the result is Puma RS-0 with two irresistible colorway and Puma RS 100 with its one of a kind extroflected heel. Be the first of your friend to wear an item of this capsule available now on Move website. It's too fresh to miss it.

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