Puma X Tetris

Puma x Tetris is a nostalgia thing

It may be a nostalgia thing or a celebration of the early steps of video gaming but Puma created a collaboration capule that follows a logic destined to leave a mark among sneakers fans. When video gaming was still in its prime, Tetris was one of the most played videogames. Easy, relaxing but entertaining, it was the kind of game that you wanted to keep on playing over and over.

RX-X and RS-9.8 are both part of the Puma x Tetris collab

Puma relied on the success of its RS-X style and paired it with a cleaner version of it called RS-9.8. While the first style already went under several exclusive colorways with the previous collaborations with Motorola and MTV just to name a couple, the second is new. These two sneakers give a sequel to the collaboration among Puma and Tetris that first happened in 2008. Those Tetramini blocks already graced the colorways of other Puma sneakers but this time it's even better. With a few reflective accents and 3D branding on its tongue, this black RS-X is quite aggressive. It is on the tab of its heel that we find the words "hard drop" as a reference to the command that allows you to bring Tetramini down faster. Right below there is a little panel portraying Tetramini to show what this collab is all about. Flip it upside down and its colorful sole has the impact of an amusement park. A bit lighter, both on design and weight, RS-9.8 is white and this alone makes its impact much more cheerful. With colorful round pods on the sides and on heels, it looks very much like a controller. Even on this style you have reflective details and Tetramini represented on the white heel panel, while on the side you have the year of birth of such video game.

Puma x Tetris give you an occasion to stay true to the (sneakers) game

What to say at this point?! Now that you are familiar with such brilliant vision, cop at Move these two Puma styles available here below before the "game over" sign appears on your sneakers game.

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