Eastpak is a brand that represents way more than the school backpack that made it popular. A rich history made of power moves and innovation made Eastpak visionary approach to backpacks a winner. Discover more about this leading brand that Move included in its proposal, considering its more progressive styles that are conceived for the urban commuter. When you need to rely on a backpack, Eastpak has the perfect solution for you.
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Eastpak started his long path way earlier than you think

Eastpak has a worldwide diffusion that makes it a leader without a doubt. When you see an Eastpak backpack you need to know that the first of these items saw the light of day in 1976. Eastern Canvas Products was the original name of this brand that started its long path by producing equipment for the US Army in 1952.

From Army equipment to 30 years guarantee on its backpacks, Eastpak makes moves

As it still happens to this day secondhand military apparel is very en vogue even outside of the Army circuit, so after Eastern Canvas Products bags started to pop here and there in American colleges it was evident that this brand was destined to big things. It was in 1984 that Eastpak decided to take the step to offer a 30 years guarantee against craftsmanship defects, stating in this way the superior quality of its products.

A visionary approach to luggage makes Eastpak a true innovator

The following year it was the turn of another power move: Eastpak backpack didn't have to be boring so this brand understands that it's about time to give bright colorways and vivid patterns to this important accessory that in this way becomes something that you can match in a coherent way in a streetwear outfit. Other innovations include wheels on a backpack that this brand also made before its competitors. After this it was only a matter of time before the brand made the notorious Eastpak trolley.

Move selected a few Eastpak items for urban commuters that need a flexible backpack

If step by step you are figuring out what Eastpak really represents when it comes to backpacks, now you are able to understand the reason why it's one of the brands that belong to our selection. We focused our choice on unconventional shapes in order to give you the most flexible styles for the urban commuter. In our section dedicated to this brand you will probably find the black Eastpak backpack that you need. And you thought that Eastpak school backpack was everything that this brand was about.

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