Ellesse is a tale of Italian greatness. Leonardo Servadio founded the brand in 1959 to fulfill his need for ski apparel different from what was available back then. His approach to sportswear shows a new sensibility that these days of retro research is contemporary and fresh. The mark that this brand left in the past, makes possible an Ellesse renaissance.
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Ellesse has a sportswear heritage with deep roots in Italy

Ellesse history is a tale of the dolce vita: Leaonardo Servadio started to produce ski apparel because he did not like what the market had to offer. Being a taylor with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, he sets his headquarters in Perugia in 1959 calling the company with its initials: Elle + Esse. Recognized globally as one of the main innovators in sportswear, considering that Ellesse apparel is the first to show external visible branding. Its Semipalla (half ball) logo is a design masterpiece: it looks like half tennis ball and at the same time the tips of a pair of skis. From an Ellesse tracksuit to Ellesse shoes the Semipalla starts to become synonymous with Italian finesse and its reach start to go beyond Ellesse tennis apparel.

What can ever be fresher than Ellesse these days?

In these times of 90's throwback the brand gets a whole new value thanks to the accuracy of its archive that is contemporary now more than ever. Rocking an Ellesse jacket these days puts you in a perspective that shows how sensible your style is to change, no matter if we talk progression or celebrating our roots. An Ellesse fleece talks about your retro research and creates a connoisseur aura around you.

The only risk with Ellesse is to make it become your new favorite brand

Give a look to our range: it feels like a time travel where shoes Ellesse represent the throwback that you can't resist, Ellesse t-shirts are the best representation of a glorious past and all of a sudden you feel this as your new favorite brand

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