Hummel is a sportswear brand born in Denmark from strong connections with football and handball and it started its journey in 1923 with a brilliant intuitions on football cleats. With the goal to make the world a better place through sports, Hummel perspective on football apparel is sharp and responsive to the evolution of streetwear, real to be mixed and matched for a flavor like no other.
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Hummel was born to dress football and handball players

To create a sportswear brand is not an easy task: you have to define your field of action, beside having a few groundbreaking concepts ready and a captivating aesthetic that may be easily recognized. Hummel is all this. The Danish brand that entered the European market in 1923 had strong connections with football and handball teams. Beginning with a vision that led to the creation of one of the first football cleats ever, Hummel starts its long journey. Based in Aarhus where it all started, the brand introduced the chevrons on the side of Hummel shoes later on in 1953, to make its styles stand out, giving a sense of dynamism at the same time.

Sport lovers since day one, the people behind Hummel want to change the world though sports

Being a European brand, Hummel doesn't focus on profit alone and has a strong desire to bring in the actual values of sport, beside performance. Staying together is important just like winning. Supporting the right causes, eliminating differences and helping people in need is important for Hummel. All this can be summed by its claim "change the world through sports".

To make its football style more contemporary Hummel created the "Spread the 5683" capsule

Designer Willy Chavarria got inspired by football as a way to increase the love among human beings so the collaboration capsule "Spread the 5683" (where 5683 are numbers on the phone to dial to compose the word "love") just dropped. Give a look to its windbreakers, quilted jackets and football t-shirts available now and help yourself to change your style though sports

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