Kappa is the throwback that you can't miss. This Italian brand born in Turin in 1978 from Robe di Kappa is the sportswear touch to blend in your fresh outfits. Its iconic logo, portraying two models sitting back to back during the break of a shooting, not only survived to the test of time but it has been a reference for the whole streetwear industries these last seasons. Some may say that Italians do it better.
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Don't confuse Kappa with the imitators: this is the originator.

We could no longer ignore the leadership that Kappa showed towards the sportswear industry in these last seasons. The brand born in Turin from Robe di Kappa in 1978 inspired each and every brand to create sporty items (that blink an eye to street fashion) with branded bands on the side of the arms and on the legs. As usual, nothing counts more in these cases than being the originator.

Kappa represents an Italian aesthetic that conquered the world

You may have seen it on a Kappa polo or on a Robe di Kappa tracksuit: the logo with a man and a woman sitting back to back is a silhouette of two models during a break of a shooting. It sure is a great looking logo but there is a genuine love for sport that marks the history of the brand. The list is long but Kappa involvement with soccer started with Juventus. Then there is the sponsorship of professionals such as Carl Lewis during 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games but going back to soccer Kappa even sponsored Milan rather than Borussia Dortmund and Ajax among others.

No fresh closet is complete without Kappa

It's no secret recipe that mix and match is the key to freshness these days. To blend Kappa apparel in an outfit with a coat or if you prefer a Kappa jacket with a clean looking jogger pant are only two of the endless possibilities that this brand can give you. Give a look to our proposal available now and cop Kappa online from Move. You have to keep freshness as a priority.

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