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Life Sux

It is a logical consequence of the massive circulations of all kinds of data: streetwear is no longer an American exclusive. This aspect, if backed by an authentic street lifestyle, such as graffiti writing, can give birth to brand that can express a local reality through worldwide principles. This is what made possible for Life Sux to see the light of day.
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Life Sux was born as a result of a globalization that keeps us close and closer

Gone are the days when streetwear was an American thing only. The market keeps on changing at the same pace of this digital globalization that makes anything accessible real quick. With such circulation of data and the Italian style that keeps on being relevant all over the world, it was mandatory that something new had to come from the good ole Italian boot. Welcome to Life Sux.

Life Sux blends an aesthetic that has a strong graffiti heritage with sportswear and traditional menswear

The brand founded in 2016 was born in the middle of the cultural revolution surrounding the way we dress. If Italians are famous for their aesthetic of traditional menswear, the people behind this brand fell in love with graffiti so they were more interested in 90's sporty style. With a mix of street, sport and tradition, Life Sux developed his own style that makes the brand stand out.

Colors have a crucial role at Life Sux but it is its approach to cut & sew items to make the difference

With countless inspirations from visual arts, music and movies, Life Sux developed a style that focuses on color and standout prints, mixing them together in order to create emotions, taking you by surprise. Blending prints and cut & sew items, all of them are made in Italy, the proposal of the brand includes jackets, pants and shorts, beside tees and fleeces, that express how much life sucks if you don't rock this brand.

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Headquarters: Viale dell'Industria, 38 - 37135 Verona, IT
Shop: Corso Cavour, 25/27 - 37121 Verona, IT

VAT number IT04264340235


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