Move Kick Ass

Move Kick Ass

Move limited edition capsule Kick Ass is a way to tell how we feel about the current state of things. Our genuine approach to sneakers and streetwear kicks ass and our clientele kicks ass, so this capsule express loud and clear where we are at.
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We called our new limited edition capsule Kick Ass because basically sneakers are our main passion and regardless of what we love to do with them, be it dance, skate, play basketball we all may do a thing with them: kick ass. 

Too many false prophets telling us how this streetwear thing works today but we have been doing it for more than 15 years now. Too much bad taste and wrong hype taking over the masses but we don't get influenced easily unless the level is high for real.

We do our thing on daily basis, selecting the finest street style apparel and the newest sneakers. What we do is under everybody's eyes and it ain't hard to tell it: we kick ass and so should you.

Kick Ass is a state of mind. Our state of mind.

Find in our capsule hoodies, crewnecks, t-shirts and our collaboration sneaker with Pony Top Star made of denim and eco leather.

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