Who can ever imagine that Oakley started to move its first step along the path of excellence with a a motocross handgrip? The brand that belongs to action sports world since its beginnings in 1975, had a groundbreaking approach to sunglasses design. It is with the same vision that it expanded to apparel creating a flawless collection that looks good and performs even better
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Oakley passion for sports is a work of art

Who could ever tell that Oakley gained its worldwide reputation of premium eyewear brand starting from a motorcycle handgrip? This is the first item ever put into production in 1975 by founder Jim Jannard. It would take a few years until the brand would focus on eyewear, dropping its first pair of sunglasses in 1984. With a strong drive for innovation and the will to constantly create solutions to sport related problems, Oakley approach to design is closer to art rather than fashion.

More than a brand, Oakley sets a standard for excellence

With names like Eric Koston and Bob Burnquist and even Lucien Clarke wearing Oakley glasses it's easy to understand the cultural impact of this brand. It's in 1985 with the release of Frogskin Oakley sunglasses that the brand gets the attention of the market and sets a standard of excellence still influential to this very day. Its eyewear collection becomes a starting point in this way to expand its range to apparel.

The ability to give the best on crucial details made Oakley a truly iconic brand

The brand took its logo with the capital O to apparel with the intention to give shape to its vision in another field. Oakley wants to give you the same level of quality of its Oakley goggle for what concerns fleeces, shorts and tees, just like its legendary blue Oakley Jacket that was worn by its factory pilots in the 80s. Give a look to the section of this brand here and you will see that Oakley price is more than affordable when it comes to apparel, staying true to the goal of excellence that stays a priority for the brand

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