No matter if the city is your natural element or if you escape from it at any possibile occasion
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No matter if the city is your natural element or if you escape from it at any possibile occasion, life in the open needs to be fronted accordingly when the temperature drops and Penfield knows how to do it. The outdoor brand was born in 1975 in Hudson, Massachusetts by its founder Harvey Gross with a vision in mind: produce down insulated apparel. In order to do so he acquired an old textile mill and turned it into one of the few factories in the world adept at such special manufacturing processes. When down goose is supposed to fill a Winter jacket that has to be worn with snow and rain, it can't allow humidity to infiltrate.

Harvey aesthetics met the demand of New England with his mix of technical fabrics and clean University menswear style and his success lead him to start exporting Penfield all over the world in 1979. It has been a success ever since, Penfield becomes a staple among urban individuals that see a valid alternative in this brand. Later on Penfield fully evolved in a brand that also manufactures beanies rather than flannel shirts and lightweight jackets. Thanks to its sharp and recognizable style and to its collaborations with brands by the likes of Alife, Stussy, Staple, Maharishi and Atmos the brand becomes an underground success. 

A Penfield item is something more than a jacket, it's your ticket to a life protected by an ally that cares about you and gets easily accustomed to your lifestyle. No matter if you are looking for a lightweight down jacket, a Winter goose, a sleeveless jacket or a zipper sherpa fur with a bright colorway to make you visible in the outdoors: Penfield has them all.


When standing out is a matter of style without forgetting about function, you know what to ask for. Buy Penfield online for your Winter at our dedicated section: it is available now and you can't miss it by any means.

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