When you think of Dickies you are dealing with an American classic
Dickies is more than a brand: it is part of American culture. Way before the word streetwear existed you had people in the streets working, no matter if we talk mechanic, carpenters or cowboys. The people that layed the foundations to build United States of America were used to see the captivating blue, red and yellow horseshoe logo since 1922 to go to work on daily basis.

There are several demographics naturally attracted by Dickies original flavor
This was way before you started to see your favorite MCs wearing Dickies pants in hip hop videos or you started to hit the club looking 90s with a pair of chunky sneakers and a Dickies shirt. Let alone Kanye West wearing a Dickies jacket at the Met Gala. The brand from Texas has that original flavor that appeals from skateboarders to the regular guys looking for a correct quality / price rate on durable clothes.

The way Dickies approached streetwear was an organic development from its workwear roots
In recent times the brand developed several divisions, keeping the workwear related to its actual function while streetwear fans get an improved version with more attention to fits and colorways. Keeping Dickies contemporary, once you can rely on its tough fabrics, was the challenge that designers had to face and it couldn't be any easier, with a brand that is the definition of iconic. Next time you look for an item to blend in that special outfit, where taste and actual heritage matter more than price tags, Dickies apparel has to be taken in consideration.

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