Hoka One One

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Bondi L Lifestyle - 1110538

Hoka One One

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Going against the grain paid off Hoka One One vision
Hoka One One is a brand born out of opportunity. French designers Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard, after their previous working experiences, decide in 2009 that the market is ready for a change. Going totally against the grain in a moment where essential design and minimal silhouettes were at their peak, they envision a niche in the market for technical chunky sneakers built for runners and trail runners. Hoka was born, with a name that means "fly over the earth" in Maori language.

Hoka One One crossover appeal conquered running experts and streetwear fans alike
Putting in their brand a lot of hard work, with a little luck the wind changed in favor of Hoka running shoes and the technical multilayered bulky silhouettes became the freshest thing to wear. This brand escalated real quick the charts of running shoes that appeal not only the experts (that praise them through the endless Hoka One One running shoes reviews that you can find on the internet) but also street fashion aficionados looking for something out of the ordinary in order to dress to impress.

Lightweight, reactive and ready to impresse: Hoka One One is all this
Hoka One One shoes formula is based on a midsole made of rubberized foam with a surprisingly reactive rebound. Its J-Frame patented technology is ideal also for support and durability, while the upper made of lightweight open engineered mesh is breathable to the maximum. No matter if you are looking for Hooka trail running shoes or if you want to throw them in a next level streetwear outfit: we are your Hoka One One dealers. Get familiar with this new brand available now in our sneakers selection

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