Iuter represents an authentic tale of success
Iuter reached very high levels that take it to be considered one of the most important urban luxe brands in Italy. Yet its story is just like that of many other brands: Alby and Andrea are part of a crew whose main interests are snowboarding and party time. This takes the two friends from Milan to create the first Iuter t shirt, with a logo whose shape is among a diamond and a shield. The network that they belong to works in their favor and the result is totally successful. Word of mouth is effective and the authenticity of the founders towards other street activities, such as skateboarding and writing, lays the foundation of what will become with time the most successful streetwear brand in Italy.

Acquiring its own production plant made Iuter progress qualitatively
Giving a different flavor of how you should dress in a urban environment, Iuter apparel takes off and in 2010 the brand gives a twist to the whole manufacturing process, acquiring a production plant in Milan area. In this way the brand can elevate the standard of its collections and create a Iuter t shirt with precious embroideries rather than a cut and sew Iuter fleece whose taste is progressive and inspired.

Made in Italy apparel and creativity is Iuter winning formula
Responsive to the way urban apparel evolves, Iuter incarnates the ultimate version of Italian creativity. Its whole collection, that also includes Iuter jackets rather than jogger pants, appeals to those in the know of trends and news. When it comes to a reliable Iuter store, we carry its sharpest items for quite a few seasons, now: Iuter shop online translates into Move.

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