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Nike represents the power of excellence in every sport. Considering the effective weight that skateboarding was starting to have at the beginning of the new millennium, in 2002 Nike SB was born.

Until then skate was seen like an exclusive niche, property of th einsiders but Nike had something more that other brands didn’t have: resources. Beside economic resources, we are talking about labs where to observe skateboarding action, monitor its effects on the body and its consequences on the shoes and develop never seen before skateboard shoes.

Nike SB welcomed suggestions from everybody: from the star of tech street skating Paul Rodriguez to the veteran Lance Mountain, from the new superheroes of the deck Luan Oliveira and Nyjah Huston, to the transition machine Ben Raybourn up to get in the team legenday figures such as Eric Koston and Guy Mariano. Belonging to its team is also Leticia Buffoni, the female top pro skater. Its roster gets larger and with it new styles of skateboard shoes that do not fear impacts nor wear.

Stefan Janoski is a team member that makes not only talk about him for his extremely relaxed ambidextrous ability but also for a Nike SB shoe that bears his name. Zoom Stefan Janoski is an hybrid among a boat shoe and a skate one. An almost hazardous try when it came out in 2009 but this style is a true game changer in skateboarding and its sales reach stellar level.

In parallel to its creation of skate shoes that have no equal, Nike SB also cares about reputation and builds a training facility in LA for its team (Sixth and Mill), takes care of re-building and legalizing the Courthouse, historical LA Spot and sponsors iconic contests (Tampa Pro e Tampa AM). Beside all this it creates its own contest serie, taking over in Street League to its previous sponsor.

The result is that beside wearing the shoes, skaters can’t wait to represent the brand even with t-shirts, jackets, fleeces, socks considering that nowadays wearing Nike SB means wearing the love for the pro skaters elite.

The power of excellence strikes again. 

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