Obey was born from a Shepard Fairey revolutionary vision
Obey was born from a Shepard Fairey vision that in 1989 created a propaganda campaign inspired by the principles of punk rock. The skate punk from Rhode Island following the principles of DIY figured out a picture of the famous wrestler Andre The Giant with the claim "Andre the Giant has a posse". His intention was to bring out ancestral fears of the human being, making everybody realize that in modern society there is no safety.

Obey clothing doesn't mean fleeces only
Diversifying on social media his name as Obey Giant and calling the brand Obey Clothing, Shepard creates apparel that becomes a medium to spread a rebel message. Fans of the brand do so rocking an Obey Fleece rather than Obey t-shirt that sometimes look just like a flyer handed you at an activist march. It's the power of Obey Street art that when ends up on an Obey black fleece creates a strong visual impact but there is a lot more in every collection, beside Obey mens fleeces.

Moveis you Obey shop Online
Obey apparel is constantly creating collaborations with music entities that go from Public Enemy to Bad Brains, from Johnny Cash to Misfits, keeping this brand timeless. Move is your Obey shop with a selection available on the website of headwear, tees, fleeces, jackets and pants ready to bring out the revolutionary in you.

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