Tracing the origins of sandals is a rather delicate operation. If you consider that the oldest sandal ever found was discovered in Oregon and is 10 thousands years old, before we start talking about contemporary sandals it may take us a while. Let it be known that Sandal is a word of Greek origins and the first styles appeared on the feet of ancient Greeks and Egyptians. The concept is quite simple: we are talking about asole that is held to the foot with the help of straps that may be wrapped around the foot only or over the ankle too. Ancient styles were made of leather and had no heel while later on for a better placement of the foot, such part has been added. According to the climate of the local population together with the use that the sandals were created for, you can have sandals less or more protective but we want to focus on current styles that are the result of the evolution of this category. Footwear brands thought that to borrow some elements of the sole of asneaker together with leather or synthetic material for the straps would create a type of footwear comfortable for the feet in cases of reallyhot temperatures. This made possible an evolution where you may have urban sandals rather than trekking ones. Once again the socks element comes into play: you may wear socks with sandals or not. We think that behind this topic there must be a whole mentality rather than a fashion trend so feel free to do as you like. Our selection includes a few Timberland styles suitable for urban usage. But again, there may be a reason for you to wear these to go to the beach and there is nothing wrong about it. There is the right footwear style for every situation as you know well...

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