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Hightop sneakers came a long way
We are used to see them all the time but what do we really know about hightop sneakers? Conceived to play sports around the 19th century, gym shoes followed the evolution of the sports they were designed for. It was with basketball that the need for a men hightop sneakers that could also wrap the ankle came out and slowly became a standard in sporty shoes.

Forget your lace up sneakers and slippers: hightop sneakers is the way to go
Men shoes sneakers have a long history and the whole process of wearing them on daily basis that you take for granted nowadays was an actual revolution in the way we dress. Slippers and lace-up shoes were the norm for men of all ages. The same was for women that were relegated to wear shoes and boots only, so to see hightop women sneakers took a little bit more.

No matter if you wear them for performance or style: here at Move you will find your hightop sneakers
From canvas to leather and suede there are several types of shoes sneakers hightop: you may have classic lightweight skateboard shoe like hightop Vans rather than technical hightop gym shoes of a basketball style by Jordan, all according to your needs, preferences and personal style. The hightop shoes phenomenon went extreme last season when Nike Sportswear created Special Force 1. You may think at first that it's a women boot while such style is equally suitable for men and women with a structure right below the knee laced with marine cords. Wearing hightop sporty shoes is a sign of the times and you shouldn't miss the opportunity to look current. Your online sneakers shop is Move: we take care of all your desires, from performance to style.

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