Sean Stussy is a Californian surfer that in 1980 came to the idea of representing with his brand… himself. Don’t get it wrong, he wasn’t a self centered character but rather a designer that translated in its collections the kaleidoscopic world that he was part of.

Surf was his main passion considering that he was a shaper of boards beside a rider but in his life there was also room for skate, music and cultural references to high fashion that contribute to create an imagery cool but funny at the same time.

Nobody before him ever reported on his t-shirts hip hop quotes like nobody before him thought that streetwear could be inspired by an hystorical fashion maison in an original way, never deja vù. Think about it and tell me if this isn’t what main streetwear brands are doing now.

Our Sean couldn’t imagine it when he started to propose surfboards and tees with a screen printed logo. People was interested in his tees while very spontaneously he wasn’t caring about that. His fame grows, he seeks for inspiration in New York and Tokyo and absorbing their urban vibes he shapes more and more a brand that defines freshness everywhere, from the club to the skate spot.

Recurring elements in his collections are the use of calligrafy around images, his signature (actually the signature of its uncle Jan), the two crossed S, reggae references but especially hip hop that influenced him in its golden age moment.

His bucket hats were around already at the dusk of the brand and his other caps have been successful from the start. We were saying that Stussy begun its path with tees  but the brand rapidly evolved proposing shirts and pants too, shorts, striped t-shirts with hand designed patterns and later on even fleeces and jackets.  Tight collaborators are International Stussy Tribe and all of them got a custom tailored varsity that resists to the challenge of time, stupendous to this very day.

Among the several Stussy flagship stores opened around the world, in the New York location ends up to work a dude called James Jebbia, the person that founded and developed Supreme.

Sean Stussy is recognized all over the world as a leader and a creator of a classic that doesn’t fade away. Stussy has a deep respect for the past and a great desire to play with future. Do you want to play with Stussy?

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