The North Face Red Label

The North Face Re Label represents a successful combination of look and function.After it broke the hearts of streetwear fans with all the collaborations with Supreme of the last years, The North Face has been perceived under a new light. Ever since one of the main producers of down jackets for extreme weather and outdoor in general, the ability of this brand to produce apparel to live in harmony with harsh climate environments is undisputed. There were still a few details missing to turn this brand into an object of worship and that’s where Slam Jam comes into play: here is The North Face Red Label. This was exactly the missing dowel to get to the next level, the collaboration with Slam Jam for what concerns design that promptly opened a new world.Dress with very precious jackets that you can superimpose according to weather conditions, where high density duvet Pertex Quantum are contained in waterproof and extremely resistant Gore-Tex® shells. Shirts, light jackets, fleeces, t-shirts and caps, beside jackets for extreme temperatures will make you feel protected like never before in a game where to put together items becomes a matter of style

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