Usual is a brand whose 90s love is the sparkle that generated it
Take a crew of friends based in Milan area, add genuine love for all things 90s such as golden age hip hop, graffiti writing and skateboarding and you have a name for their creative outlet: Usual. It's a matter of representing right and you know that kids from the suburbs have that strong drive to put their name on the map and this is exactly how it went. The center of Milan acted back then as a magnet for all those that needed to get in touch with the culture they believed in. The physical space served as a linking bond, creating cliques that after years and years of hard work eventually put their name loud and clear on such map.

Street activities lead Usual to have a perfectionist approach
Usual becomes a brand in 2016 as a way to give back to the movement that inspired such clique. The individuals involved in such project put into apparel design the same perfectionist approach that a writer puts in its pieces rather than a skateboarder working on the style of its tricks. This approach includes the fun side of these activities that, beside giving you street credibility, represent all you need to feel entertained.

Wearing Usual is nothing but an act of love
The brand focuses on the top part, giving its brilliant twist to graphic t-shirts and fleeces. With its totally made in Italy craftsmanship Usual is a brand to keep an eye on but most of all to wear in order to show where your love is!

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