Just like t-shirts do, streetwear fleeces have a huge potential when it comes to tell others about you. Are you into sports or music? Are you intrigued by timeless style or the search for the ultimate hype item is what keeps you alive? It may be more or less cold but a fleece to keep handy is never a bad idea.
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Streetwear fleeces say a lot about you

Streetwear fleeces are items that not only help you to stay warm but they also have a communication potential close to that of a t-shirt. You can say whatever you want with a t-shirt: how much you are into sports or music, you can tell people how you feel a timeless individual, rather than being someone that always rocks the crispiest brands. It's pretty much the same with a little difference: a tee is just a tee while in a streetwear shop you can find several men's fleeces.

Stay warm all year long with your favorite streetwear fleeces

Beside the most common crewnecks and hoodies, there are the zipper hoodies, that is a sort of hybrid among a lightweight jacket and a fleece, and track jackets. More or less warm according to the period, a fleece to keep handy is always recommended. It may be breezy at night during Summer rather than a multi layered attire fo fight harsh weather during Winter but fleeces left many years ago their former natural habitats in gyms and track fields to be part of everyday streetwear apparel.

Don't underestimate streetwear fleeces when you put together a urban outfit

A terry cloth crewneck is a discreet option to stay warm while some others prefer to blend a more sports related style opting for a colorful track jacket with a retro flavor. It's always preferable to mix styles, in case you keep your top sporty, wear a chino or a twill jogger pant not to give the impression that you are fresh out the gym: it's called sporty apparel but making it look urban is the goal.

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