Here at Move we carry a sneakers selection where everybody can find his ideal pair. For us it's never a matter of "the best sneakers" but rather "the best sneakers for what you do". That's why wearing your favorite style is a way to communicate your interests, beside having a functional tool on your feet ready to make you perform at your best.
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For us at Move sneakers are an exact science

If once to wear sneakers was not allowed in a few work environment, nowadays is pretty rare to see somebody that doesn't wear sneakers. From grandfathers to bank clerks, everybody is giving us its version of the story but we belong to the generation that made sneakers one of our main passions before all this happened. For us wearing sneakers is like an exact science and we want you to wear the perfect style that meets your needs, your personality and your look.

Which pair of sneakers corresponds you the most?

Carrying the most in demand sneakers brands, this job is quite easy for us, as far as needs go, taking it all back to what you do with your sneakers. Do you wear them all day to go to work? Your focus should be on lifestyle sneakers: comfortable shoes without features destined to any specific sport that have a good cushioning and a smooth upper. In case you run your shoes have to be reactive and lightweight but stable at the same time. Basketball player? Then you need hightops that can give support to your ankle, but also a tough structure ready to withstand abuse on the court, beside a bouncy midsole to enhance your performance. Skateboarders need to feel their board and this happens mostly with vulcanized shoes but some others prefer cupsoles anyway. Both categories also need to be reinforced to withstand wear and tear of griptape.

Tell about you with your sneakers copped at Move

You can pretty much tell a lot about you, just with your shoes and here at Move we are willing to bring your you out, otherwise how comes that we have one of the most extended online sneakers selection of our territory?

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