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Before sneakers were popular like they are now, the sporty shoes phenomenon wasn't so diffused. With our fast changing society it was only a matter of time before the way we dress allow in any environment to wear sneakers shoes. Low top sneakers are the most confortable for everyday use in general and the best styles can be found among running sneakers and retro classic sneakers
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Don't take the diffusion of low top sneakers for granted

We are surrounded by sneakers and this revolution is under everybody's eyes. From the bank to the creative studio, from the street market to high fashion catwalks, sneakers shoes diffusion doesn't seem to stop. Before they were part of our current way of dressing, sneakers weren't popular like shoes were. In certain jobs it was absolutely out of the question to wear sporty shoes.

Low top sneakers appeal both men and women

Fortunately the evolution of our society in modern times gave a different value to men's sneakers shoes and this allowed them to become the new men's elegant shoes. Even women's sneakers had a sort of renaissance in daily life but it's slightly different, if you think for a second how women are in love with heels and boots that high fashion maisons keep on designing successfully.

Running styles and retro silhouettes are the most popular low top sneakers

The most diffused are low top sneakers that are more suitable for an everyday use: you don't need to have your ankle protected or stable if you aren't in the middle of a basketball game, so it's better to wear some running sneakers or even low top retro sneakers. Running styles are favorite when we talk low top sneakers because they can easily be worn all day long. It's a matter of fit and lightness: with new materials such as Primeknit and Flyknit, when you wear a pair you hardly feel them on your feet. Now that you know this, here is the last info: your website when you look for shoes online is (and will always be) Move.

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